Small Animal Medicine

Wellness Care
The time and effort invested in our Wellness Programs has rewards for both pets and owners. Because pets age so much faster than people, Dr. Holliday recommend twice yearly examinations to help monitor your pet’s health before disease can become more painful and treatment more expensive.

Our Wellness Programs are designed specifically for your pet and include: Comprehensive Physical Exams, Dental Examinations and Care, Parasite Testing, Nutritional Guidelines and recommendations, Vaccine Programs, and specialized diagnostic tests for all life stages.

In House Lab/Diagnostics
Wags 2 Whiskers is a full service hospital that offers various diagnostics. These tests will help us diagnose and treat your pet during a time of illness or even with early detection of disease.

Some of the diagnostics we offer are below:
* In House Blood work
* Microscopic Exam of the skin cells, blood cells, feces, and bodily fluids.
* Urinalysis
* Pathology
* Digital Radiology
* Parasite Testing


We are equipped with an in house pharmacy. Most of the medications Dr. Holliday prescribes are available in our hospital at the time of your pet’s exam. We offer antibiotics, pain medications, supplements, vitamins, and heartworm prevention.