Marine Corps League Donations

In celebration of Memorial Day, for the entire month of May, 5% of ALL exams are to be donated to the Eastex Detachment Marine Corps League. The Eastex Detachment Marine Corps League, established in 1991, is a pivotal organization in Montgomery County Texas. Guided by the Marine Corps ethos, their mission is to take care of fellow Marines and the community. They offer scholarships to graduating seniors in Montgomery County who meet the academic criteria and are related to a Marine (or Navy Corpsman with FMF experience). Please, check out their website:

 There’s nothing special that you need to do to have the 5% of your exam fee donated; all you have to do is come in with your dog or cat for an exam!

If you would like to simply donate to this awesome organization, you can come into the clinic and drop your spare change into the ammo box on the front counter!

We hope to see you soon!


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