FREE Feral Cat Spay Day!


We are participating…AGAIN! We’re offering FREE feral cat spays and neuters! Check out the information below about how you can help and get involved in the animal overpopulation problem we are facing, ESPECIALLY here in Houston! Did you know there are approximately 1.2 million homeless animals wandering around Houston? Spaying and Neutering FIXES that! Pun totally intended.

What is Feral Cat Spay Day (FCSD)?

Feral Cat Spay Day is an international event that allows free spay/neuter to feral cats. It is sponsored by Alley Cat Rescue ( from Maryland. FCSD is an opportunity for veterinary clinics around the world to offer free and affordable TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) services to feral cats. Over 700 veterinary clinics from 45 U.S. states have joined Alley Cat Rescue in the fight to prevent cat homelessness! Together, over 5,100 community cats have spayed or neutered through FCSD.

Why participate in Feral Cat Spay Day?
This will save millions of lives, and stop the killing in the nation’s shelters. Six million healthy, unwanted animals are killed in shelters each and every year. Feral Cat Spay Day aims to PREVENT feral colonies from forming. Spaying and neutering outdoor cats helps to stop new cats from joining and forming feral colonies.

By helping just one cat, you will save the lives of many.

What is a ‘feral’ cat?
Feral cat is a term that is used to describe a homeless cat that is undomesticated. These cats generally cannot be touched; they typically require a live trap to be captured.

When is it?
Feral Cat Spay Day is happening on a day that we cannot participate in, however, they’ve given us the go-ahead to take part and help out on Wednesday, May 28.

If you would like to bring in a feral cat, please note the following:

– Your feral cat must be scheduled (we will go over the surgery day process when you call to schedule your feral cat). This is such a huge event, we cannot accept ‘walk-in surgeries’. We have space for 8 surgeries during the day. We’ve allotted for 4 neuters (males) and 4 spays (females). If you don’t know what sex the feral cat is, no worries! Trap them and bring them in, we’ll sort it out!
– Your feral cat will be spayed/neutered for FREE, but you are financially responsible for the Rabies Vaccine, by Texas State Law.
– Your feral cat will have it’s ear tipped, as a national symbol of being sexually altered.

Looking for more information? Here’s some Feral Cat Links from Alley Cat Rescue!
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The cats photographed in this post are part of an actual feral cat colony managed by Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary, here in Montgomery County.

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