Food Drive for Shelter Animals – 2nd Annual

We’re a week into our Second Annual Food Drive for Shelter Animals! Last year was such an amazing success, we hope this year will be just as great! This year, we’re gathering supplies and needed items for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. The lovely ladies over there supplied us with a list of needed items. (Ilene is not included! 😉 )

Donations as of 11/8/11

Here’s what they need:

Canned Cat Food (Pate Style)
Canned Dog Food
Dry Dog Food
Dry Cat Food
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Blue Style)
Small Baby Bottles (small nipple – for feeding newborn puppies/kittens)
Milk Replacement for Puppies/Kittens
Empty Unlabeled Medicine Bottles (they can be used, just washed out and the label removed)
Dog Collars/Leashes
Cardboard Box Lids/Disposable Litter Boxes
Poop Bags
Nail Clippers
Paper Towels
Old Towels/Blankets
Capstar Flea Prevention
Cat Litter
Portable Carriers/Crates of ALL sizes
Play Yards – Puppy Play Pens
Food/Water Bowls
Clip Boards
Ballpoint Pens
Puppy Pads
Styrofoam Coolers w/or w/o Lids

In conjunction with this Food Drive, Wags 2 Whiskers is also teaming up with Tad’s Toys this month. Tad’s Toys is a new, non-profit organization owned by our technician, Tiffany, and her rescue dog Tad (The Abandoned Dog – local celebrity). Tad collects donated toys each month and takes them to shelters/rescues for the dogs/cats and other animals needing forever homes. You may bring in toy donations for dogs and cats and they will be donated to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter this month. Please check out Tad’s Toys on Facebook to learn more:

Donations as of 11/8/11


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