February is Dental Month

This is a weird question: when is the last time you smelled your dog or cat’s breath? What was it like?

If it brought tears to your eyes or singed your nose hairs, chances are your pet needs to have their teeth checked out and possibly cleaned by Dr. Holliday and Tiffany.

The unfortunate truth is that many pet owners believe that dental cleanings are purely cosmetic and there’s no real purpose in having it done. Imagine this for a second: you are 30 years old, and you have NEVER brushed your teeth in your entire life. Now, try to imagine the bacteria and disease and decay that’s taking over your mouth and weaseling its way into your bloodstream. Your kidneys, heart, brain, liver, and other organs begin to suffer and fail because of the conditions in your mouth.

Now, take a look at your pet, chances are you’ve never brushed their teeth and even if the groomer brushes them, it’s only once every two weeks to a month that you bring your pet in. It’s better than nothing, but really it’s not adequate. We, as humans, brush our teeth daily and even still, we need professional dental cleanings yearly.

We’re running a special offer on dental cleanings during February (Dental Month) that you definitely don’t want to miss! We’re offering you $75 off your pet’s dental cleaning. We are doing dentals on Wednesdays (but have overflow days available) during February, so hurry and call to schedule and take advantage of this awesome deal!

A routine dental, meaning no extractions or other dental concerns, is around $300-$400. With the discounts and rebates during February, you could pay as little as $225 to extend your pet’s life by a few years! That’s a great, great, GREAT deal!

If you’re pet is over 3 years old, please add $66 to $96 for required bloodwork. Extractions vary from $10 to $60 depending on the tooth needing to be pulled, and antibiotics and pain medication (if needed) are also additional. Gas anesthesia over 30 minutes is $2 a minute, within reason.

We understand that everyone is trying to recover from Christmas, and so we want to again remind all of you that we offer Care Credit , who will gladly help you pay for this procedure. Please email us or call if you have any other questions or concerns!

Don’t forget, there are only 9 slots left to take advantage of that $75 off! Schedule today!

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