Care Credit

We understand the financial hardships that many people are suffering right now. We also understand that emergencies happen, and most people can’t set aside a fund for their animals. Because of this understanding, we choose to offer payment plans through Care Credit for our clients and patients. We offer a wide range of financing options, including interest-free and extended-term plans.

When you open your Care Credit account, you can use it for any procedure you wish and anywhere that Care Credit is accepted. Enrolling is easy and can be done in our office, over the phone, or via the Care Credit website.

If you’re wanting to go ahead and apply for a Care Credit Card, please follow this link to begin the online application.

If you’re trying to plan ahead for something totally unexpected, also check out Trupanion Pet Insurance. There’s no payout limit, no penalties, fast approval, and peace of mind. You can use your insurance coverage along with your Care Credit. Don’t wait until something happens! Be prepared, starting today!

Trupanion Pet Insurance