Along with our medical services, we provide a safe haven for your pets while you are away, as well as bathing. While your pet is our guest, we hope you will feel confident that he/she is safe, well fed, and comfortable.

We walk the boarding dogs 3 to 4 times daily and provide sanitary boarding kennels as often as they are soiled. Your pet will never be left unattended with another pet, nor will they share a kennel unless specified by you. Cats have the opportunity to exercise in our Feline Condo Area. We have a special area designated for our boarding cats where dogs are not allowed.

We recommend you bring your pet’s food to avoid added stress on their system. You are more than welcome to bring a personal item, such as a blanket or stuffed toy. However, we cannot be responsible for the damage of any personal items during the boarding experience. We are not equipped to wash large beds or blankets should they become soiled.