ALL NEW Frontline Tritak

We now proudly offer Frontline Tritak for dogs! It uses a unique – and patented – combination of ingredients to provide a faster speed of kill. It’s the fastest acting flea killing product so the fleas have less time to bite!

Frontline Tritak kills fleas (larvae and eggs, too!) through contact; the fleas don’t have to bite! This will be a really, really good product for the doggies that have FAD (flea allergy dermatitis)!

Not only is this a great product for flea control, but it also helps to kill ticks! Frontline Tritak starts killing ticks within the hour! The faster you can kill a tick, the less time it has to transmit any of the diseases that ticks carry to your dog.

Frontline Tritak is applied the same way Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution are applied – on the skin, between the shoulder blades.

We have special rebates in the clinic for you when you pick up your dogs new flea and tick prevention – Frontline Tritak.

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